Dance of gentleness, harmony and balance on the inside and on the outside.

In peace and safety in your own body on the earth

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Health cannot be “created.” It can only be invited with patience, awareness, gentleness and sensitivity. We can sit with health with kindness and silently listen to its manifestations. Our body starts healing itself as soon as the path is cleared up.

About the method

Craniosacral Biodynamics is a connection with person’s innate health via a highly sensitive, non-invasive and extremely gentle space, the relational field.

Its current biodynamic form builds on the heritage of classical medicine (osteopathy and craniosacral therapy). However, it goes beyond the concept of intervening into the body structures, of improving, correcting and healing it. It also transcends the old paradigm of the client-therapist hierarchy and the focus on client and his problem, pathology or singularities. As a holistic approach to human beings, biodynamics is closely linked to our relationship with the external and internal reality: body, mind, spirit, soul, our relationships, nature and space.

The principal tool of the facilitator is perception itself and the way of directing the attention to the presence of innate health. Therefore the facilitator must cultivate skills of sensitivity, patience, listening and put aside his/her convictions, mind concepts, intentions and other intrusive elements. The facilitator’s job is thereby to “get out of the way” of the innate wisdom. “The state of mind of the facilitator is crucial and he actually becomes a ‘defacilitator’” (James Jealous).

For whom

The session might be supportive for:

  • Auto-regulation of metabolism and immune-endocrine system – supporting the immune system, detoxication and digestion,
  • Increasing the capacity to regulate stress, anxieties and neurosis, finding and establishing the connection with inner peace,
  • Harmonisation of an overly excited nervous system, sleep regime improvement, recovery from numbness and exhaustion,
  • Pain relief and motility improvement,
  • Processing traumas and difficult life situations,
  • Self awareness, soul and body connection, grounding, zest for life.