Bc. et Bc. Ida Kubrichtova
Hiporehabilitace Jupiter, z.s.

Katerina is a very talented interspecies communicator. I have a lot of animals and Katerina was able to communicate with absolutely everyone – from horses to poultry. What the animals told me fit into the context, and if I followed their requests, things always turned for the better.

The best part is that Katerina is not just a mediator of information, but a real support for our animals. Because I have a large group of animals to look after, I sometimes resort to refusing to have certain things “questioned” by them :-). I will not discuss with a dog the issue of sleeping on the couch and punishing him for digging the trash out of the trash bin, I will not discuss with a horse the issue of people riding him :-). However, Katerina discusses these matters on their behalf :-), she tries to find a compromise to mutual satisfaction, she can perfectly capture the feelings of the animal and interpret them correctly to people. I recommend her services to everyone who wants to have their pet as a friend, they want to understand his feelings and needs and are willing to “discuss” things with him 😀

I believe that animals are our guides and advisors, but sometimes we can’t hear them. Katerina can.

Iva Fiserova, M. Div., D. D. h. c.

Katerina has unique talents for intuitive sensing, gentle listening to body and soul, she is able to communicate remarkably empathetically and amiably, and her therapy is a balm that kindly refreshes, heals, supports and encourages on the way to personal integrity. As a therapist, I have had personal experience with Kateřina’s long distance and physical sessions for 5 years and I can only recommend her as a facilitator, whether you need to take care of your body, heart or soul!

Lene and Jazzie, Denmark

I contacted Katerina as my cat had some bad behavioural problems, and after checking with the vet constantly, and finding nothing physically wrong with her, in desperation I found Katerina, an animal communicator.

She contacted my cat telepachically and was able to get from her some surprising information, which my cat insisted should be told me, and that my cat desperately had tried to tell me herself through her behaviour.

I came to see my cat in a whole new light, and our relationship radically changed for the better. 

I experienced Katerina as an amazing healer, of not only my animal but also me in the process. Her energy is so delicate and loving, with deep respect for my cat and me, and I can only highly recommend her work.

Tracey, Scotland

For those of you who’ve shown an interest in Katerina’s beautiful offering, I thought I’d say something about how I received her gifts.

From the email communication, to the ‘face to face’ contact (via Skype) and then on to the transcript of feedback – from two separate sessions, I have found it to be a magically beautiful experience.

Such sensitivity, gentleness, calm, radiance and purity shines from Katerina.

I’m completely in awe of her intuition, her skill, her insights and her gentle therapeutic manner.

I would definitely recommend working with Katerina, if you are curious, if you need to be held in loving support, if you feel the need to go deeper and be gifted some amazing telepathic communication.

With gratitude and love

Martin, Germany

After some long distance Cranio Sacral Biodynamics sessions with Katerina, that I booked out of curiosity at first, I think that it really is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Katerina is a very kind and gentle person full of wisdom. The session itself is best described as an energetic field, where healing happens. I am really grateful for each session!