Interspecies friendships:

: they do exist.

Recently, a gentleman in the park told me about the incompatible nature of dogs and cats, “they have to hate each other for it has been so for ages.” Therefore, it is clear that his dog has the right to kill cats on the spot whenever they pass through his garden.

I fasten Tara on a leash, a pit bull boy walks past us. “Come to me, you can’t go play because you look too evil,” his owner tells him. In a few minutes, Tara is playing with a border collie puppy girl: it’s clear that this play will be safe for her…

Not only animal species, even dog breeds carry expectations and projections of separation. Stories of “them and us” in us.

Male cat Theo spent a peaceful afternoon with hedgehog baby boy in the garden. Photo from 17.4.2022, thank you FH.