Intuitive Interspecies Communication: Tara.

Once upon a time, a young girl walked into a wast and fearsome forest. She went of her own volition, and she wore a crimson cloak that made her easily visible to any creature that might observe her progress through the dark woods. And indeed, once upon a time, a great wolf was watching her. You may think you know the rest of this story – deception, violence, vengeance. The tale is meant to warn children not to go into the woods. Or seek adventure. Or trust a wolf. Once upon a time, two mighty hearts found the strength to change the story. The wolf refused to harm or betray the maiden, she refused to hate or fear the wolf. Nor did she tame him – she loved him for his wild self. She found a home in the forest and grew old there, the magical wolf always by her side.

Lunaea Weatherstone, Your Path through the Enchanted Forest

The she-wolf is gently snoring on a couch. Tara. The female hound dog, my animal guide.

Tara came to me in a vision during a 10-day retreat in darkness in a small clay house, in the last days of 2018. I wrote down on a piece of paper, “a puppy named Tara is coming to me.” Then I blissfully forgot this. In November 2019, Tara, the fluffy chubby pup, appeared. Hearing her name for the first time worked as a spell – instantly I knew she was meant to be with me. Tara. Only now, in summer 2021, did I find this paper with my vision when going through yet another round of my minimalistic decluttering. Tara slumbers comfortably as I type this, with her permission to share our story. Breathing peacefully. Inhale, exhale… 

The language of our Soul is subtle. It likes dim lights. We need to listen to it very carefully. Listen, listen. It will not come as something stunning and loud, as presented in movies. The reality of this inner guidance is fine and gentle. Like the mushroom mycelium networks. It communicates with so much precision. We cannot see it, hear it, we do not even use the same communication technology. (Not mindfully most of the time, anyways.) Us, the Homo sapiens, funny how we implied in naming our own species that we are “ the knowing, wise ones.” When so much of our skill of connection has been forgotten. Forgotten not lost. 

Tara and I have been communicating telepathically – with me being fully aware of it – since the year of 2020. Her compassionate unconditional presence with me is beyond telling in words. 

It is the end of 2020 and I for the first time experience true connection from heart with a being of another species, one where I actually consciously get to receive information, one of the most important moments in my life. The skill of intuitively receiving messages through body feels, words, images, smells, tastes, sounds, memories or direct knowing is our innate state. What does it take to make a being equipped with such a capacity forget it? Same forces that make a woman doubt her capacity to give brith, making her believe the fear-based system, her body contract with apprehension, so that she becomes unable to open to the trusting flow of the process. No. I am writing a different story here. A story of empowerment. A story of connection. 

I am having one of my talks with the befriended herd of local cows. These glorious beings with their deep pure sight scanning me all the way through my stomach, down to the bone’s marrow. Their gentle caring friendships. The sensitivity around each other’s needs. Their individual personalities. Their play. Their play. These beings are not bound or limited by any idea, for instance of their hundreds of kilos in the context of the Earth’s gravity. They just play! With their fairy-like dance moves and jumps that make them look like they are about to fly off the very next moment. They simply do not give a damn of a concern about how goofy they may look. Fierce, genuine and innocent. Noble divine creatures emanating Grace. The innate state of play being only one of the many things we, the modern human kind, managed to unlearn. 

My very first intuitive connection with Tara was thanks to a loss. I did not have the guts to confront and mourn the experience fully at the time, I would just not find space to digest it.

So Tara came and held my hand. It is because of our forgotten skill of listening, that the animals at times have to restore to behavioural changes. Doing so they reflect that something in the space is not aligned with harmony. One day, Tara stopped eating, drinking and socialising. Looking back, she was very radical about delivering her message to me. She practically went on hunger-strike. Her eyes became grey and hollow. She reminded me of myself when I was little and would not eat when the context was stressful. I knew she was bringing me a message. Yet my despair in seeing her condition was too big to stay spacious enough in my listening capacity. 

Such is the dedication of animal love for us. This is not only true of the domestic animals though. When connecting to dolphins, whales and sharks who keep losing their natural habitat, being forced to reduce in numbers, restore to changing their habits, over and over their message to us is one of love and patience. They are not angry with us. Yes, they express it clearly that our current behaviour does harm. Not only harm to themselves though, but to the oceans, air and continents, to our planet, and ultimately ourselves. The loop of togetherness is a natural state of their awareness. We are all interconnected and as the animals are in this state of presence, anything they do or express comes from Gaia consciousness directly. 

Tara’s healing gift changed my life. Connecting to nature has been my inclination since small. When I recently asked my mom to describe me as a child, I learned that most of the time they found me satisfied with “doing my own thing.” (Such as guiding a burial ceremony for a deceased insect underneath an old apple tree.) I remember being so immersed in these other worlds most of the time, which of course they could not tell. But in these last months of 2020 I went through an initiatory process, as my adult reasoning mind still needed to see the proofs of telepathy being a real thing. Much like when a wisdom plant in a shamanic ceremony has to “let you know she really is there with you” by making you vomit at first. The scientist in me had an experimental layout, knew all the theory, and had the sharp critical thinking which does not simply believe what it is being told. And so the experience came, with a support of a professional animal communication mediator. I witnessed how after one session Tara literally woke up and started to eat, drink and play, quite immediately. I received her message full of detail, and followed through on her advice with a beautiful ritual…

I slipped out to the woods in the middle of the night. Silent night, snowy forest. Howling the pain and joy of being alive out… The mountain woods on the Czech-Slovak borders witness the sound of: “I am alive!” The Towny owl stops her calling. Tara arrives at once looking at me in the middle of clear snow-covered forest slope. We can see each other as if it was the midday. For a second she cannot tell if she should be concerned for me or joyously join in. But it only takes the second. Then, howling together. Followed by wild play in the snow. Two beating hearts expressing life. 

… Tara, the shining star, the goddess of compassion.
… Tara, český fousek, an old national breed of a hound dog.
… Tara who loves to drink wild water and chew on raw bones, raspberries and tree branches.
… Tara, peacefully napping on my couch, who will push me to a break in a while, when I am sitting here and writing for too long…
… We never stopped connecting intuitively since. In fact, Tara remains my guide and counsel when I am connecting with other animals and beings.

Thank you, my Friend.