Services of Craniosacral Biodynamics and Intuitive Interspecies Communication: Agreements of Cooperation

* The order of the listed values does not reflect the importance of hierarchy, the values are listed spontaneously. *

I honour and protect privacy of people and animals by maintaining confidentiality during and after the cooperation. 

I respect equality and interconnectedness. I work for the highest good of all sentient beings; for me, the interest of one (individual or species) has no priority over the whole.

My intention is to communicate with compassion for all the involved, i.e. without siding, advice, evaluation and personal interpretations. I respect things I can’t change.

I work to the best of my skills and potential at all times, with openness to feedback, I continue my self-education and development, both personally and professionally, so that my gifts are being delivered efficiently, with compassion, respect, joy and in harmony.

Animals are free beings, I respect their choices to follow their life missions, decisions, goals and desires.

I enter only the topics and areas I am invited to and I respect the wish to end the cooperation at any time.

I support the involvement of a person in communication with animals and nature, and acquiring interspecies communication skills.

You, as a companion and guardian, are fully responsible for interpreting the animal’s messages. If, based on the information provided, you decide to make changes in your life or the life of an animal, you accept and take full responsibility for them.

I am not a health professional qualified to make medical diagnoses. My services are not a substitute for health care. In case of health problems, consult your doctor or veterinarian. You are responsible for your own mental health, if necessary, find a qualified professional.

Any decision about health condition or therapy made by you as a guardian of an animal or child remains your responsibility.

I respect my skills of intuition, empathy and telepathy. Information comes to me in feelings, images, words or direct knowing. I do not follow any protocols or predetermined procedures.

There is no validated scientific evidence for my work, and it is not my intention to collect such evidence or convince anyone of it.

I do not promote food diets, dietary supplements, religion or other commercial or ideological products.

Katerina Tejkalova, 05.05.2021